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Frequently asked questions

Check out our FAQs below if you have any questions with regards to our handmade Tart, Tiramsu, Cookies and islandwide delivery. If your questions cannot be found below, please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsapp.

Our Pastry - Tart

How long can the tarts be kept outside?
It is recommended to keep the tarts refrigerated as soon as possible. It can be out in the open for up to an hour and slightly longer if it is in an air-conditioned environment

How long are we able to keep the tarts in the fridge?
Our tarts are best consumed on the day itself; however, you can keep in chilled for a maximum of 2 days. Find out how to take care of our tarts here.

What are your best-seller flavors?
Our best sellers are the Fruitilicious Mixed Fruit Tart, Dark Chocolate Tarts, and Lychee Tart. As well as our Signature duo flavor tart.

What are the sizes available for your tarts?
Our tarts come in 3 sizes, approx 5cm, 8cm and 20cm in diameter. 20cm tarts serve 6 - 8 pax.

Are your tart suitable for birthday celebration?

Yes! Our tart is the perfect alternative of a cake for your birthday celebration. We also have complimentary birthday cookie topper, candle and knife to go along.

Are your tart suitable as a birthday gift?

Yes it is! Our tart comes in gift box for our 6 tart box perfect for birthday or well wishes gift. You may also add on a complimentary greeting card to include your well wishes. Our 4 tart box is also available in our window branded box.

Do your tarts contain gelatine?​
Yes, all our tarts contain fish gelatine except for our Mixed Fruit Tart and Maple Pecan Tart.


Do your tarts come in vegan options?​

We currently do not have any vegan options available, as our products all contain egg and dairy products. 

Does your tarts contain any nuts?​
Our tart shell contains no nuts; however, our Maple Pecan Tart and Coco Daisy Tart contain almond nuts.

Are you able to split the boxes into smaller packaging?
Yes, we can; an additional cost of $3 will be incurred for every 6 tart box to be repack into 6 individually pack boxes. 

Can I walk in to purchase the tarts?
Yes, walk-in is available from 11am till sold out. However, only our 8cm tarts are available, Our whole tart menu is only available for preorder.

For more information for our pastries and services,
Whatsapp us text to +65 9749 7940

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