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Taste the NEW Wunder! Coco Daisy and Maple Pecan Tart

Introducing…our newly revamped menu, coming to you from 4 November onwards! At Wunderfolks, we’re constantly on a journey to elevate your dessert experience, and this weekend, we’re thrilled to present our fresh new menu, featuring some delightful changes with our Coco Daisy Tart (Coconut Pineapple), Maple Pecan Tart and Royal Tea Tiramisu that are bound to tantalize your taste buds! We hope that you are excited to explore new and exciting flavors that will whisk you away to dessert paradise.

But don’t worry, your all-time favourites (Mixed Fruit Tart, Dark Chocolate Tart, Lychee Tart, Lemony Meringue Tart, Mango PassionFruit Tart, Matcha Tart, Original Tiramisu, Biscoff Tiramisu, Cookies and Viennoiseries) are here to stay! We’re keeping the classics you love so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

And the best part? You won’t have to wait long! These delectable changes will be available on our online shop starting this weekend. Can’t wait to experience these sweet surprises? Visit our online shop and savor the transformation! See you this weekend, dessert lovers!

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