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Wunderfolks turns 2! (Part 1/2)

Everything’s been a blast! We are turning 2 this September and we can't be happier! To start off we would like to thank all our friends and family for being with us from the very beginning and for being such WUNDERful supporters, we wouldn't have grown to where we are today if it's not because of every single one of you.

Wunderfolks Handmade Tarts, Birthday Fruit Tart and assorted flavours
Barry, the Wunderbear celebrating Wunderfolks Birthday!

We thought it would be apt for us to share the Wunderfolks’ story on our Anniversary. Started by Vincent the Baker and Dale the Designer, Wunderfolks started as a home-based business providing dessert table set ups for birthdays and celebrations.

We did a handful of small set ups for birthdays and full month celebrations. Not long after, Covid-19 hit and Circuit Breaker kicked in. And as what many others have also done, we decided to put the business on hold.

Birthday Pastry Table set up
Birthday Pastry Table set up consisiting of tarts, eclairs and birthday cake

From Cakes to Tarts

After Circuit Breaker, we worked on custom cakes and money pulling cakes which was pretty well received by elders as they get to enjoy the fun of pulling notes out of a cake.

Not long after one of our friends came and asked if we can do a birthday tart instead. Which then became the very first tart we officially sold under Wunderfolks’ branding.

Our first tart is the Classic Mixed Fruit Tart with a simple tart crust, vanilla custard and an assortment of fruits. We took a photo and posted it on our Instagram and friends started to ask about it. From there, we started to R&D and came out with our version of Lemon Meringue and Dark Chocolate Tart. These 3 flavours eventually became the main items on our menu.

Handmade Mixed Fruit Tart filled with assortment of fruits
Handmade Mixed Fruit Tart

“I want to try more flavours!” - Duo Flavour Tart

One of our relative requested to send care packages to her friends but would like them to try more flavours and asked if we could cut and mix the flavours for them. Our first thought was, “Sure! Why not?”

Wunderfolk's Signature Duo Half Fruit Half Chocolate Tart.
Signature Duo Flavour Tart

We went ahead with the Duo Flavour Tart and sent it out to a number of her friends and it came back with pretty decent reviews! Of course, we took some photos and posted it on Instagram once again. It was a pretty new idea at that time, having to combine 2 different flavours into a single tart hence there were plenty of interest shown from our customers. From 1 order, to 10, and to eventually making them our Signature Duo Flavours.

It’s Not Just Rainbows

It might sound like a walk in the park so far, but it wasn’t. With positive compliments also came negative feedbacks — we also learn to listen to our customers and improve although sometimes it gets a little hard to digest.

Vincent Tay, showcasing how he prepare his Lychee Tart
Vincent Tay, showcasing how he prepare his Lychee Tart

Lining our own handmade tart shells takes a lot of work and patience, and it’s even harder in Singapore because of the hot and humid weather. We had issues of dough softening too fast, tart shells being unable to remove from the tart ring and more. Delivery was also an issue for us — ensuring that we have the tarts delivered in a timely and good condition.

However, most of our customers are very understanding. Even when the tart wasn’t up to standard, they gave us the chance to improve. It is only through the encouragement of our customers that Wunderfolks can continue to improve and work on our tarts.

Tarts, Tarts and more Tarts

Wunderfolks assorted flavours of handmade tarts such as Mixed Fruit Tart, Chocolate Tart and Lychee Tart
Wunderfolks assorted flavours of handmade tarts

People always ask us why do we choose to sell tarts. The truth be told, our friends and family decided it for us and we have grown to love making tarts for our customers-turned-friends. Because of the support and love, Wunderfolks moved out of our home kitchen and shifted to an actual storefront, our little blue shop located within Queenstown, Stirling Road in January 2021.

To be continued in Part 2/2!

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