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Easter Day Pastry Party Bundle Special

Dessert pastry table set up with tart, croissant, madeleine and canele
Easter Day Pastry Special Bundle Spread

Celebrate this Easter weekend with our Easter Day Pastry Party Bundle Special consisting of 4 different range of items! Bound to leave your guest wanting more!

Each party bundle consist of 64 items, perfect for a get together with your friends and family!

  • 16 Mini Tarts (4 Mixed Fruit, 4 Dark Chocolate, 4 Lemon Meringue, 4 Mango Passionfruit)

  • 16 Mini Croissant (8 Ham and Cheese, 8 Original)

  • 16 Madeleine

  • 16 Canelé (Alcohol Free)

Minimum of 2 days preorder is required. Preorder via our online shop

No pork, lard or alcohol used, does not come with display and set up.

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